How to Wear a Promise Ring


You have received a promise ring from your special someone, congratulations! After all the excitement, you might be asking yourself, “How does one wear a promise ring? What hand and what finger?” Well, we have done our research and while there isn’t a single way required, we have found a few of the most common ways to wear your beloved ring and why you might choose one over the others.

Ring Finger of the Left Hand

For many, the most popular option is wearing their promise ring on the left hand on their ring finger, leaving the right hand free for a future exchange of engagement rings. This shows that you have decided to commit to your partner and wish to further your relationship more seriously and is considered a pre-engagement symbol. It proves that if he or she invites you to be married, you will accept. Therefore, wearing your promise ring on the left ring finger is not to be taken lightly at all. You should be sure you are deeply in love with your special someone as you both will be planning on moving forward to engagement sometime usually within the next two years.

Ring Finger of the Right Hand

Not planning on being engaged so soon? Or maybe if you’re just worried about the common misconception or confusion of your promise ring being an actual engagement ring to friends and family. Whichever the case, then it leads us to the second most common way to wear your new promise ring – the ring finger of your right hand. This clears up a lot of confusion to prevent those awkward questions and also is a good solution to work around any fears about needing to have a ring resized, as different fingers may have different sizes!

Other Ways to Wear a Promise Ring

Promise rings are worn in just about every way possible, these have just been the most common and reputable ways and the symbology behind them. For example some couples often choose to wear their promise rings on the middle finger of their left hand to avoid confusion of engagement similar to wearing it on their right ring finger. Other couples go as far as wearing it around their necks as a charm! Whatever you decide, remember it matters most deeply to you and your partner, talk to each other how you might want to represent yourselves!

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