How to Choose a Promise Ring


Promise rings are the physical embodiment of a long-term, serious relationship. They are something to be cherished and worn proudly all the time. Your significant other will likely be proudly showing their ring to their closest friends and family as well, so we fully understand how important choosing the perfect promise ring can be. However, with so many different styles and meanings, it can feel impossible to decipher what they all mean and which is best for you and your special someone. That is why we compiled a list of what we believe to be the most important aspects of a promise ring, what all the meanings behind the styles mean, and more so that you can feel confident when you take your relationship to the next level.

Choose a style the recipient will wear

Before deciding on the perfect ring you have to first know what your significant other will or won’t typically like. What they frequently wear, what they loathe, and their opinions on different styles is something that can make the difference between disappointment and tears of happiness. Questions to ask yourself might be, “Does he or she like wearing rings?” If not, maybe you can put the ring onto a necklace to give to him or her in that form. Do they wear a lot of gold and silver? Or do they prefer more abstract jewelry? What is your significant other’s favorite color, metal, gem, and so on? You want the promise ring to be something they will love to wear and wouldn’t leave the home without, not something that feels like an ugly obligation.

Choosing the ring’s metal

Promise rings are most often made of precious metals and that is for an important reason. Cheaper options, such as nickel or steel, may not be worth it unless thoroughly examined. Cheaper metals often can discolor the skin, cause frequent skin irritation, and lead to being an annoyance rather than a pleasant reminder of your devotion. When in doubt, gold and silver are among the most popular choices due to their low skin irritation, attractive look, and historic tradition. However, for couples with higher budgets, titanium and platinum can also be great choices. As stated above though, keep in mind your lover’s preferences when making your choice!

Choosing precious stones and decorations

If you want to go the extra step in showing thoughtfulness in your gift, a good idea might be searching for the perfect precious stone and / or decoration. Does your lover have a favorite gemstone? What is their birthstone? Do they have any special passions or loves you could incorporate into the ring as decoration? Whether it is a ruby in the shape of a heart, a personally fitting birthstone, or beautiful golden leaves to showcase a love of nature, adding the extra personalized touch helps show how much effort you put into picking the perfect promise ring and will make for a lovely start to your freshly strengthened relationship.

Consider the ring’s metalwork

While nothing is wrong with the classic plain ring, promise rings often have a wide variety of different styles available for those with a taste for more. You may want to look into the different forms of metalwork that can depict the bond you two are making together. Images of things such as an infinity symbol showing your love will last forever, or of intertwining pieces that symbolize the mixing of your hearts and lives into each other’s are often great choices for romantic couples who want to make the extra effort.

Know your significant other’s ring size

We hope this goes without saying, but please know your significant other’s ring size! While there is nothing wrong with going to a jeweler to have your ring resized after the big event, it can take away from the moment and feel embarrassing. Just remember to measure the correct finger you want your mate to wear the ring on. Not sure which finger to choose? Take a look on our “How to Wear a Promise Ring” guide.

Plan for their environment

Next is a tip that is easy to overlook but can make a massive difference in their day-to-day enjoyment of this special gift. Plan for their environment. Athletes for example will usually enjoy rings that are tighter fitting, so they don’t run the chance of their ring being separated and lost while in constant motion. Men and women who work often with gloves may find more satisfaction in a ring that is more plain and flat so that they can comfortably use their gloves without fears of tears, discomfort, or worse – being forced to remove their ring every time they need to use their gloves. The list goes on and on, but the important aspect is to just imagine a typical day in their life and what would best fit their lifestyle.


A great option to add that extra touch is to add an engraving to your promise ring. Popular options are romantic poems, for those who adore the old fashioned posey rings; religious verses, for those who share a love with god as well as their significant other; vows and promises, so that they will never forget your words; or a more simple option of just your names and / or a significant date the two of you hold dearly. Whatever you choose, an engraving can show the extra thought and effort put into your gift and can emphasize devotion beautifully.

Consider choosing a ring together!

Lastly, consider choosing a ring together! While surprising that special someone with a ring can be incredibly romantic and sweet, there is nothing wrong with looking together. If you find your promise rings together you can be sure without a doubt he or she will absolutely love it and it can be a very enjoyable and bonding experience searching for the perfect ring together.

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