Top 15 Promise Rings for Couples

Sometimes words don’t feel like enough. You both speak your heart to one another and have the same conversations time and time again, but you want a stronger connection. You want something physical to remind you both of your dedication. Promise rings create a special kind of bond that both remind and display your commitment to your words and each other. If you’re tired of feeling like there is something more you can do to give meaning to your vows made with that special someone, it may be time to consider promise rings. Below you will find 15 of the best promise rings for all couples and budgets.

Deluxe Rings ($500+)

14k Two-tone Diamond
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14k Two-tone Diamond Wedding Band

This dazzling promise band is for the lover whose fingers prefer a larger ring, or if they seek a more masculine appeal. It only comes in sizes 8 to 12 so keep this in mind before purchasing straight away! This phenomenal ring holds three sparkling, all-natural diamonds diagonal in its center, and reverse-matching designs of textured silver. With such a unique ring model and quality metals, this ring is rounded on the inside, designed to comfortably wrap around their finger and stay there, because they won’t be willing to take this sharp looking masterpiece off.

Halo Promise Wedding Anniversary Bridal Ring 14K White Gold
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0.75ct G-H Diamond – Fancy Halo Ring

This head-turning, expertly crafted ring is for the extraordinary one in your life who loves glamor and adores showcasing their commitment. Perfectly mounted, this phenomenal, brilliant cut Natural Diamond Solitaire Ring is made with Solid 14k White-Gold, using 100% Natural Earth Mined, Conflict-Free Diamonds. This is an extraordinary ring meant to last long, just like your relationship.
Available in sizes 4 to 9, the thrilled recipient of this promise ring won’t soon forget it.

Silver Halo Promise Ring with Split Shank
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Silver Halo Promise Ring with Split Shank

Promise rings are made to be memorable and the Silver Halo Promise Ring with Split Shank and Charles Created Moissanite is just that. This stunning halo style promise ring features a bezel set center stone with a halo surrounding the center stone. It also features a split shank with meets at the end beautifully alongside a high quality Moissanite set in Sterling Silver. The price of such an exquisite symbol of love isn’t cheap but buyers can rest assured this beauty is built to last a lifetime and comes insured with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, 30 day, no questions asked return policy. Available in nearly every ring size spanning from 4 to 13.

10K White Gold Natural Blue Sapphire Halo Ring Oval 8x6 mm with Diamond
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10K White Gold – Blue Sapphire Halo Ring

For couples with luxurious tastes and the money to spend for it, it is hard to compete with the 10K White Gold Natural HQ Blue Sapphire Halo Ring. The oval itself is an astounding 8x6mm with diamond accents making it look fit for a queen. The rest of the materials are of course all top-of-the-line as well. Superior quality color gemstone, high quality genuine diamond accents, 10K solid gold, and made in the USA give this exclusive design of PIERA for Gabriella Gold a breath-taking option for couples with the budget to buy it. Luckily if you think this masterpiece is “the one” you’ll find it in a variety of sizes 5-10.

Gold 7-Stone Diamond Ring
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14k Gold 7-Stone Diamond Ring

Simple but sophisticated never looked so good. The 14k Gold 7-Stone Diamond Ring (7/10 cctw, H-I Color, I1-I2 Clarity) is the best at what it tries to be. Well priced and respectable this ring is the embodiment of extreme beauty while maintaining classy restraint. Featuring a 14k gold band hosting seven round diamonds in a shared prong setting this outstanding imported ring is hard to not to notice. For those fortunate enough to fit the few ring sizes offered (5 to 9, no quarter or half numbers!) You can’t find better for the price than this elegant work of art.

Classic Rings ($100 – $500)

Victorian Style 10K Gold - Genuine Garnet Band Ring
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Victorian Style 10K Gold – Genuine Garnet Band Ring

Are you looking to give something nothing short of amazing to the lucky girl in your life? The Luxury Ladies Victorian Style Solid Hallmarked Yellow 10K Gold Genuine Garnet Band Ring does the job of making your lady feel like a queen without breaking the bank. Featuring Genuine Natural Gemstones, Solid 10K Gold, and a look that can only be made in England, you can find this ring in sizes 5 all the way up to 12 with most quarter and half sizes available as well!

Onyx Marquise Ring1
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Onyx Marquise Ring

If you’re the kind of couple who shuns the ordinary, the default, and the standard things of the world, the Onyx Marquise Ring custom made in the USA will fit your interests perfectly. Available in sizes 4 to 12.5, this unique ring will astound your lover with its hand-sculpted frosty grapes, hand-placed and hand-engraved 12k Rose Gold and 12k Green Gold grape leaves, and overall exquisite custom workmanship. Made to order just for you, this wearable work of art comes with a certificate of authenticity and manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship so you and your loved one can always be sure to receive only the highest quality.

Mens CZ Cubic Zirconia Simulated Onyx - High Polish Ring
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Solid 14k Yellow Gold Mens CZ Cubic Zirconia Simulated Onyx – High Polish Ring

Men can be hard to shop for, especially when it comes to rings. We had to dig deep in our research, but we’re positive that the absolutely stunning Solid 14k Yellow Gold Mens CZ Cubiz Zirconia Simulated Onyx High Polish Ring will be something both you and your man will love. This brand new ring offers a dazzling high-polish finish, solid and pure 14k Gold and will even come authenticated with a 14k stamp so you can be sure of the quality. If the man you’re looking for is lucky enough to have a ring size of 7 to 10, you can’t go wrong with this slick and powerful promise ring he will be sure to hold onto dearly.

10KT White Gold Round - Diamond Twisted Ring
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10KT White Gold Round – Diamond Twisted Ring (1/12 cttw)

A promise between a couple binds them in a special way. Just like your promise, this ring symbolizes the melding together of your intentions with its twisted design. Classic and sophisticated, constructed artfully from White Gold and Round White Diamond, this ring provides for a beautiful reminder of your promise to each other while looking gorgeous. We did our research, and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love this one. This ring is truly a great gift for a buyer searching for the perfect, affordable ring. The only imperfection is simply the narrow range of sizes; if your ring size isn’t between 4.5 to 8.5 you’re unfortunately out of luck on owning this marvel.

.75ctw Sterling Silver Round Black & White - Diamond Promise Ring
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.75ctw Sterling Silver Round Black & White – Diamond Promise Ring

This lovely and timeless 0.75 Carat Sterling Silver Round Black & White Diamond Promise Ring shines of classic beauty. Featuring 0.75 ct black & white diamonds in 3-stone setting, all diamonds are guaranteed to be sparkling, 100% natural, and to your satisfaction. If you love the style of black diamonds on a silver ring then you can’t do better than this, we checked. With greatness always comes a price though, and while the ring is being sold at an outstanding rate, the ring sizes available are only 5 to 9, making this ring only available to the lucky ones.

Affordable Rings (<$100)

Silver Bypass - Vintage Promise Ring with CZ
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Silver Bypass – Vintage Promise Ring with CZ

For the lover who appreciates delicate design and classical style, this ring is the one you need. 44 precious cubic zirconia gemstones flow perfectly along the edges of this ring, with the largest being directly in the center. It is a Vintage style ring, suitable for the lad or lady who wishes to remain true to a classical look, all-the-while sporting a unique and one-of-a-kind looking band. This ring twists itself in such a way that, as the band wraps around the large gem, they form a spiral-like appearance and rise off of the finger to demand attention. Fits ring sizes 4 to 13.

Sterling Silver - Diamond Infinity Ring
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1/10 ct Sterling Silver – Diamond Infinity Ring

For the one cherished to you, this affordable silver ring is a perfect choice to show your everlasting love. This ring’s style, the Infinity Ring, is noticeable and simplistic; signifying an unbreakable, tight bond between the two of you, never to be undone. It bears the sign of infinity, representing a endless love that will last forever. With 17 diamonds inlaid into one loop and a band of pure silver as the other, this is a beautiful choice that your partner will adore. Just be sure you know your lover’s ring size, the Diamond Infinity Ring is only available in size 9!

JunXin European Style Amethyst Rings
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JunXin European Style Amethyst Rings

Does your partner loathe the traditional silver and gold rings? Or maybe if you’re not just looking to share the ring with your partner, but want the world to know the second you walk into the room? The JunXin European Style Amethyst Two Piece Promise Rings will make sure your promise stands out in style. These black gold plated rings outshine many of their competitors in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and design. Sizes range almost every possible combination for your and your partner, so you can rest assured they’ll have your size.

.925 Sterling Silver Locking Hearts Ring
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.925 Sterling Silver Locking Hearts Ring

Ring lovers with finger sizes 5 through 10, this may be the ring you’ve been waiting for. Featuring 5 gorgeous white diamond stones, this platinum-over-sterling-silver band features a unique design, one that your partner is sure to appreciate. Interlocked hearts, signifying your heart and theirs, can mean nothing less than the timeless image of unbreakable love. It is an incredibly strong symbol of how cherished your partner is. With this ring, you reveal to them of how your lives have changed for the better while together, and how your hearts have all but become one.

6mm Tungsten Carbide Rings - Matte Center
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6mm Tungsten Carbide Rings – Matte Center

Lovers of the modern & classy minimalistic look need not search further than the 6mm Tungsten Carbide rings. These rings do the job in style for a budget anyone can afford. This practical ring offers a comfortable fit that is incredibly easily to wear. Featuring polished dual grooves running along the outside of the band to develop that perfect streamlined appearance, and solid craftsmanship giving it the perfect lightweight but strong durability, the Tungsten Carbide is a favorite among minimalists. Best of all, these promise rings come in just about every size from 5 all the way to 13.

Promise Ring Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Promise Ring?

The definition of a promise ring isn’t set in stone. It can mean anything the wearers choose it to mean, but most commonly it is used as a first symbol of commitment to a romantic partner to symbolize a serious relationship. A precursor to an engagement ring for some. The commitment symbolized is most often a promise of love and loyalty. That the couple is promising themselves to each other. That they will be faithful to one another and to signify an intention of future engagement. Other couples see it as simply a ring that reflects the devotion they have for each other and a form of commitment and love beyond just sharing expenses under the same roof. Promise rings tell your partner “I promise I am here to stay by your side.”, “I promise to always love you.”, or anything else. The purpose of giving the ring is that it adds significance to the gift of your vow by providing a physical, tangible symbol to represent your commitment and intentions for your significant other and all of the world to see.

When Are Promise Rings Given?

Promise rings are not to be given lightly. They are a serious symbol of commitment and love. Usually they are given after one is in a very serious relationship, at least lasting longer than a year, and one wants to show their intention to pursue an even more long-term and significant relationship. Most popularly it is given by young people who may not yet be ready in life to become engaged or married, but want to show they do intend to in the future be it because of age, money, location, or other temporary constraints holding them back.

What Should I Know About Promise Ring Etiquette?

Proper etiquette regarding promise rings can be confusing and require personal thought or discussion on the matter. Some people caution buying a diamond promise ring that could be misconstrued as an official engagement ring. While promise rings can be worn on any hand, how the ring is worn can also cause confusion to family and friends. Wearing the ring on the right hand for example will explain to others its true meaning as a promise rather than another type of ring. There also isn’t a right or wrong way to give a promise ring, bowing or kneeling in a spectacular way isn’t required. It’s the conversation that is most important in giving a promise ring, gifting it over a nice dinner or on a special holiday are both good choices

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